Hello and welcome!  My name is Rachel Kearse, and I'm the owner of Strongheart Yoga.  I'm so happy you have made your way here.

After developing some chronic health issues in my late twenties, I began researching the effects of nutrition and lifestyle on overall health and well-being, and started implementing what I learned to necessitate healing.  Impressed by the positive impact and also the amount of misinformation by which most people live, I saw an opening to make a difference in the lives of those around me, and have committed to educating and empowering others to help them achieve optimal wellness.  

Importantly, I understand that overall well-being is about more than just food and should encompass the mind, body and spirit.  When I began my wellness journey, changing my diet and lifestyle yielded significant improvements, but over time, I reached a plateau.  After hearing some inspiring words at church one Sunday morning, the humble and simple "BE STILL," I felt compelled to start practicing yoga on a regular basis.  Little did I know that yoga would eventually bring my health (and, coincidentally, my faith) to new levels, and I desire to share these same outcomes with you.

Originally certified in 2018, I am experienced in teaching a broad range of yoga styles (vinyasa, slow flow, gentle, power) in a variety of settings (gyms, studios, community centers, churches, outdoors) to all different types and levels of students; I enjoy both traditional and non-traditional opportunities as they create the space for all practitioners to find what works for them.  I am currently registered with the Yoga Alliance at the 200-hour level, and also hold specialty certifications in trauma-sensitive yoga and meditation/nidra sessions.  Additionally, I'm a Certified Health Coach (CHC), and have spent years researching nutrition and natural medicine and personally experimenting with various foods, herbs, supplements, protocols and methods. 

In today's world, we are constantly overwhelmed by demands for attention; whether it's work, home and family, or our digital devices and social media, unfortunately, most of us find it nearly impossible to turn off.  What I have learned, though, is that it is in stillness where the majority of healing happens and where we can be made whole. Whatever your goals might be, I'm confident that together we can help you to "BE STILL" in order to find balance, peace and, ultimately, strength.